Milberg - Spitfire New Generation
Burners from the company Millberg have been specially developed for installation in ovens made of refractory material, especially for pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants and restaurants. They meet the highest standards of performance and quality. The SPITFIRE New Generation burner can replace the wood used as fuel in the ovens for direct baking of food products, achieving the same baking results. The baking surface is directly and permanently heated to 400/450/500 ° C, reducing the negative impact on the environment caused by burning wood.

It is well known that soot emissions and smells resulting from the burning of large quantities of wood - such as in a bread oven or pizza oven - can lead to neighborhood disputes and civil claims in densely populated areas. The installation of the SPITFIRE New Generation burner avoids these problems thanks to the reduced emissions. A burner that has been designed as an alternative to wood-burning ovens in direct baking pizzerias.

SPITFIRE delivers high quality services, is easy to use and provides excellent results. You can proudly say: I do not have a gas burner, I have a SPITFIRE in my pizzeria!



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